Metal-Traders is a dynamic stockholder, distributor and trader of steel products and raw materials for steel making.

​We closely cooperate with many steel mills and steel centers to provide the products to our customers competitively.

​We dedicate great importance onto coils, with particular attention to coated materials (i.e. crc, hdg, alz and ppgi) selected from top-quality sources in Turkey, North Africa, India and China which are regularly sold to the main steel service centers and stockists worlwide. We are providing our customers with the best quality of Structural / Carbon-Steel and Stainless Steel Products for their projects. We are active also into more niche products such as pipes, stainless steel, bloom, billet etc. which require utmost experience and dedication for a timely and quality-proof implementation.

​We strive to bring you the right product  with right price at right time to keep you competitive.